George Pipkin
06/18/2013 1:41pm

This is one of the best documented experiments I have ever seen. Thanks so much for doing this valuable work and presenting it as well as you have.

Carl Holmberg
06/20/2013 8:28am

This is excellent work, kudos. Following up on your results, I've found papers describing experiments with Spirogyra to produce sugars (and thus ethanol) or oils. It's not yet clear to me which fuel is likely to be more energy positive from the same volume of algae.

Miha Burnik
06/20/2013 11:31pm

I like your way of doing things and that at such a young age you find such projects or even chemistry and biology an interesting "topic".I have one question though, how much biofuel did you produce by your project? How much energy was needed per ml?
Kind regards and keep up the good work

Chris Davies
06/22/2013 1:56pm

Saw an article on Slashdot about your project. I was truly intrigued as I was looking at a similar way of creating an environmentally friendly fuel. I've been looking into the idea of Hydrothermal Carbonisation and it's a possible way of turning algae and other forms of Biowaste into fuels. As of now, it's being refined, but has already created a form of Bio-coal. Namely, Coal Dust. Here's an article on the process :

I'd love to discuss some ideas with you. E-mail me at if you want :)

A fellow teen with a love for the unknown.
Chris Davies.

08/02/2013 2:48pm

Very impressive work. Our company manufactures small-scale, industrial grade biodiesel processors, and I would love to talk to you about your project. Send me an email if you are interested.Finally, I hope that you are considering Stanford among your university choices!

09/14/2013 2:22pm


It seems to me you are using Neon and Helium to change the properties of the light. You could use a range of LED's to find more or less the right spectrum for your application, and when you've found something satisfying, use an optical coating to coat your vessels to only transmit that range of wavelength coming from natural sunlight. It would do away with the need for double chambers and allow more precise tuning.

Good luck, regards


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